Story Behind The Name – Kalyam

“Kalyam” a thought inspired from Sanskrit vocabulary which signifies “in the morning”. Kalyam is to create an experience that is unlike any other. From engendering an ambience of freshness to accept the warmth of blessing from prayers. Living up to the meaning of the word, Kalyam Agarbatti will be carved a niche for itself in the incense industry in no time.

Why Choose Kalyam

  • Quality Of Product
  • Quality is a vital part for any manufacturing organization. We at Kalyam Aromatic Pvt. Ltd. ensures that our products are free from adulterations and are safe for human use. The credential on which the products are checked for quality are Oil Content, Eco friendliness, Composition, Uniformity, Thickness, Raw Material, Burning Capacity, Mixture density.

  • Experience Team
  • Team of experienced Craftsman forms the strength of the company. An accomplished work forced is responsible for over seen the entire process of production to create a distinguished experience.